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Migrate Gmail to Outlook 2016 (Mac and Windows)

Mail Extractor Pro cab be relied upon with utter confidence to migrate Gmail to Outlook 2016!

Technology driven products are rarely user-friendly, especially, when these come from the email conversion tools segment. They have rough edges and make the user’s life miserable with their complicate procedures. As a result, users remain under-confident regarding the processes and end up without any concrete results.


Migrate Gmail to Outlook for Mac and Windows

Mail Extractor Pro, on the contrary, is an extremely user oriented tool that makes the conversions extremely easy to execute. There are no technical jargons to baffle the user which further makes the path smoother. Any user, beginner or expert, can put their trust in this tool and emerge victorious in the process to migrate Gmail to Outlook 2016.

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You can’t get a simpler interface to ‘migrate Gmail to Outlook 2016’!

In their effort to add bling to the product, the creators often end up making their tools incomprehensible. However, Mail Extractor Pro is quite the opposite. Although, it is built on extremely advanced technology, the interface that it has contradistinction facile. There are simple and naturally understandable instructions that guide the user to the end point in no time. Success is a guarantee when this tool is put to migrate Gmail to Outlook 2016.


And if we talk about the worst case scenario (the chances of which are negligible), there is a round the clock customer care support too. They provide friendly assistance as and when desired by any user.

In nutshell, it can be said that this tool is the friendly assistant that can help migrate Gmail to Outlook 2016 with absolute zero botheration to the user!


Migrate Gmail to Outlook with Mail Extractor Pro!

Thinking about what happens to those valued contacts and calendars in your Gmail? Well, no doubt that Gmail has a very elaborate calendar structure wherein users put up all the essential details of the upcoming events and these pop up as reminders from time to time. And as far as contacts are concerned, there is no limit as to how many one can store in this mail client. A shift from this client to Outlook obviously raises doubts in the mind of a user. However, there is no need to worry as Mail Extractor Pro can keep these files completely safe and secure throughout the Gmail to Outlook 2016 migration process.


When taking up the process to migrate Gmail to Outlook 2016 with Mail Extractor Pro, one can absolutely relax in terms of the conversion of the data. This tool safely rebuilds each kind of file in the relevant formats so as to make them usable in the new home. Contacts are rebuilt in single .vcf file and calendars in .ics file. With other elements too, such as attachments, media files, HTML files, MIME headers, etc, this tool does the justice to convert them accurately without any modification. The tool is comprehensive in its approach and thereby is successful in creating replicas of the files 100% of the times.

Get Mail Extractor Pro to convert MBOX to PST for Outlook.

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